Service List

Like any method of transport your bike needs to be looked after and regularly checked for wear and tear.
Book a service with us today to keep your ride safe and enjoyable.

Check & Quote

We'll thoroughly inspect your bike and provide a detailed report of everything it needs to ensure your bike is safe to ride. Our service includes a £20 booking fee, which will be deducted from your final service cost. Please note that this fee is non-refundable.

Please Note:

- Costs are subject to the conditions and type of bike.

- Parts are not included in the service cost.

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 Additional Services:

• Bike Wash and Re-lubrication: Starting from £25
• Bike Polish and Detailing: Starting from £40
• Anti-Stone and Scratch Protection: Starting from £50 (to be quoted)
• Paint Job/Designing: Starting from £80 (depending on design) Note: if the bike is built, it requires unbuilding service charge
• Leather Works: Starting from £80 (Saddle & handlebars real leather designing & Hand stitching)


Repairs & Maintenance:

• Gear Adjustment (Front & Rear): £25
• Gear Cable Fitting: £15
• Bottom Bracket Fit: £30
• Headset (including head tube inspection): £40
• Fit New Tube or Tyre (per tyre): £15
• Brake Adjustment (Front & Rear): £25
• Brake Service: £45 (clean brake surface and pads, refit and set up)
• Hydraulic Brake Bleeding (per brake): £30
• True Wheel: £15 (depending on the state)
• Replace Broken Spoke: £15
• Hub Service: £25
• Fit New Wheel (Front): £15
• Fit New Wheel (Rear) inc. realignment of gears: £25
• Wheel Build (per wheel): £40
• Fit Full Mudguard Sets: £20
• Fit Computer: £15
• Fit Rack: £15
• Fit Bar Tape: £25
• Build up Boxed Bike: £40
• Box up Bike for Transport: £40

Maintenance Packages:

• Basic Service: £40
o Brake and gear adjusts and alignment, drivetrain lubrication.

• General Service: £65 (Recommended every 6 months)
o Brake cables and gear cables replacing, Truing wheels, degreasing drivetrain. Plus replacing parts like brake pads, chain, sprockets. (Parts not included).

• Full Service: £95 (Recommended every 6 - 12 months)
• Brake cables and gear cables replacing, Truing wheels, degreasing drivetrain. Replacing parts like brake pads, chain, sprockets. Plus cleaning and regreasing or replacing all internal bearings. Including headset, bottom bracket, and wheel hubs. (Parts not included).

Additional Services:

• Cable Brakes Service: £30
• Cables, outers, and pads replaced (if needed), cleaning brake surface, adjustment, and alignment. (Parts not included).

• Hydraulic Brake Service:
• £60 (Front & Rear)
• £35 (only one)
• Fluid replace and pads (if needed), Bleed, Adjustment, and alignment. (Parts not included).

• Gear Service: £30
o Cables and outer replaced, gears adjusted and aligned, and chain cleaned and lubricated.

• Drivetrain Service: £40
o Drivetrain parts removed, deeply cleaned and re-greased, Plus fitting chain, cassette/freewheel, front/rear mech, chain-set & bottom bracket, Gear adjustment, and alignment.