Inside East Bikes London. Credit: Matt Grayson

Inside East Bikes London. Credit: Matt Grayson

His most recent project, a wedding gift for a close friend, features printed images of the wife and groom alongside extracts of the wedding vows on the frame.

“People ask me, ‘What does Rosario do?’ and I compare it to a tattoo artist,” said Tim.

“So if somebody goes into a tattoo parlour and says, ‘I want a tattoo and this is what’s important to me but I don’t know exactly what I want’, a tattoo artist goes away and designs that.

“So we’ve got a bike here at the moment which is covered in stamps from around the world and that was because somebody had mentioned to Rosario that when they were a kid they’d grown up collecting stamps and they also loved to travel.

“So he’s created a bike which is made up of stamps from around the world.

“That is a talent.”