Inside East Bikes London. Credit: Matt Grayson

Inside East Bikes London. Credit: Matt Grayson

A spot of savvy marketing – setting up a Facebook page and a dedicated website – combined with organic word of mouth saw the business transform.

But the pair were still working out of their east London home.

Cue the Wapping studio, which today houses more than 30 vintage bikes on a constant rotation of selling and buying.

“We offer restored vintage racing bikes – anything from the 1970s up to the 1990s – and also bike servicing,” said Tim.

“Vintage bikes are just really well built.

“They’re steel frames, they’re a little bit heavier.

“Steel has a natural give in it which simply means it’s going to be better for absorbing the impact on London’s roads, which do take a battering over time.

“I think they look great as well and most of our bikes are 25-to-30 – some even 40 – years old and they’re still in great nick so what’s to say they’re not going to go on for another 25-to-40 years?”