Schwalbe Dot Blue Tubeless Sealant-Tyre/Tub Spares-Roger Garage Custom Bikes

Schwalbe Doc Blue Tubeless Sealant

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Think of Schwalbe's Doc Blue Tubeless Sealant as a liquid patch: it gets to work quickly and reliably, sealing puncture holes in tubeless, tubed, and tubular setups. For tyres up to 56mm (width), one 60ml dose of Schwalbe's Doc Blue Tubeless Sealant will deliver effective puncture protection for approximately three months. For larger tyres, those 57mm and above (width), simply increase the dosage for effective protection.

  • Approximately 60ml per tyre
  • Fast acting
  • Seals holes in tubed, tubular, and tubeless tyres
  • Punctures are sealed automatically
  • Sizes: 500ml or 60ml bottle